Have you:
  • Bought an item thinking it was perfect for you, only to wear it once or twice and
say what was I thinking?

Or maybe:
  • There was a great item or 2 on the sale rack and you snatched it up, but it’s
still hanging in the closet with the tags on

  • Most women wear only 20% of their closet

Let’s change that statistic and use 80% or more of your closet and make it easy to
get dressed in the morning in a terrific outfit. And save you money!

There is nothing more satisfying for me then helping a client find her look. When she
puts on an outfit that she swore was not what she likes to wear and all of a sudden
you see the smile come across her face and her eyes just sparkle. That’s what puts a
smile on my face!

It’s not about what I like to wear, it’s about finding the right styles to accentuate your
assets and make you feel great every day because you have on a great outfit selected
just for you and your lifestyle. Will that include the latest trends?  Maybe.  If the trend is a
style that is right for your body type, then by all means we can try it out.  But let’s build a
basic wardrobe first that will serve you well for many years.  Then as the seasons and
trends change, we can do minor updates to keep things fresh.

Let Your Style IQ guide you to looking great in every outfit you wear.
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Shop your closet!
"Working with Karen in
preparation for the right
photo shoot outfit was
amazing! She helped me
find, in my own closet,
just the right outfit and was
able to show me how to mix
and match what I already
own into so many different
outfits using different jewelry
and belts. I definitely plan to
utilize Karen’s services in the
future when I need to add to
my wardrobe or need help
finding professional or
personal "special occasion"
clothing. Karen’s services
are a great investment
because you'll save money
by working with the clothing
you already own. I highly
recommend Karen if you are
looking to up your
“style game”.

Susan Katz, CEO,
Susan Katz Advantage