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You look thin.  Did you lose weight?
"Karen helped me realize my
true body shape which makes
finding clothes that fit much
easier, and she showed me the
potential for styles and colors I
wouldn't typically consider. She
was very encouraging and
flexible, working with my taste
and helping me build
confidence in putting outfits
together.  She’s fun to shop
with, too! "

Suzanne H, Columbia
Aren’t those the words every women loves to hear?  If you did drop a few pounds;
congratulations on the hard work!  But if, like me, you are still a work in progress, there

are a few things you can do to look thinner without hitting the gym more often or passing
on some of your favorite foods.   No matter whether it’s the time of year for your
spring/summer or fall/winter outfits, as you have heard me say many times, the goal of the
perfect outfit is to give you the hourglass figure.  This could be in reality, if you are one of

the lucky 7% of the population, or by illusion by balancing your natural figure.  But you can
also look thinner by illusion.  Below are tips and tricks on putting together outfits that will
make you look taller thus thinner.

Vertical Pattern – using a fabric with stripes, lines or a vertical pattern makes the eye
travel up and down, thus making you look thinner.  

Monochromatic Outfit
– using one color family for your entire outfit does the same
thing as a vertical pattern.  It creates a unified look making the eye travel vertically
creating a visually unbroken line.  And it’s not just about wearing black.  Any
monochromatic outfit will make you look thinner.  Pick a color that makes your skin
glow and you can count on getting compliments.

– you may not think the position of your hem has an impact on how you look,
but it does.  It could be the difference between  looking slender or adding attention where
you don’t really want it.  The rule of thumb should be: the skirt hem should hit at the
slimmest part of the leg.  For most women, that is either just above or just below the knee.
If you are wearing a midi length skirt or capris, it should be just under the heaviest part of
the calf.

Accessorize– heels or flats with a pointy toe and a sharp crease in your pants are other
tricks to have in your style toolbox, but accessories also play a role.  Chandelier earrings
and/or long chain necklaces (particularly the current trend of multiple strands) make you

look taller.  Adding a color to your neckline (necklace or scarf) that coordinates with your
skirt or pants will help the eye move around your outfit.   Are you on the petite side?  
Smaller bags can help you avoid visually overwhelming your frame.

What outfits are hiding in
your closet?