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Well, the calendar has flipped to another month, but it roared in like a lion.  Let’s hope the lamb shows up soon and decides to stay.  I don’t know anyone who has loved this winter!

So about now you are really tired of your winter wardrobe, but it’s still winter so I thought in this week’s post I would not only talk about the next of the 5 body types, but also key in on how any body type can change up an outfit to reflect a small glimmer of spring.

The curvy body type (hourglass figure) is one of the easiest to dress and the one the rest of us try to imitate.  You are an elite group; comprising only 7% of the female population.  You have hips and bust about equal in proportion and a smaller waist.  This body type can wear just about any style as long as the proportions remain in line.  For you a blousy top should be accented with a full flowing bottom,  skinny pants with a close fitting top or cropped at the waist.  You still want to keep the emphasis on the waist to maintain that hourglass figure.  Jackets should be structured or boxy, but can also be the duster length and worn open for interest. The dress that is made for you is the simple wrap a la Diane Von Furstenberg.  Accessories should also work to maintain your proportion; oblong scarf to maintain length and no large volume of scarf at the neck.  Balance a statement necklace with a trendy or eye catching shoe.

polyvore - winter curves












To freshen up that winter wardrobe without shopping, add a lighter shade blazer, I.e. light gray instead of dark gray; a flower pin as an accessory, or break out those white pants (yes white) instead of black pants with a pastel or bright top.

I’d love to hear from you about style questions or comments on this post!

What outfits are hiding in your closet?

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