Are you ready to find your ideal style?

So you made friends with the tape measure from our last “Style Tips” post and now you know what body type you have.  As with any body type, the ideal is to create the illusion of having an hourglass figure.  Trust me, it’s easy to work with once you key in on the styles and style tricks that will work best for you.  Here is a quick rundown.

Bigger on Bottom –

Tops – structured, accentuate the waist, end at the hip

Skirts – soft, falling nicely from the hip and hemmed to hit around the knee, whether just above or just below to accentuate your leg, particularly if you are petite.

Pants – a mid-width leg straight from the hip. One of my favorite pants for this body type are the ones with no waistband and a side zipper.

Legging  – yes these will work for your body type if you add emphasis to the top, of course covering your butt and pair with a nice flat or tall boots that have some room at the calf (this will give the appearance of thinner legs).

Accentuate the waist, and put emphasis on your top, whether with a structured or layered top or with a color that looks good on you.

Scarves and statement jewelry are great ways to keep the emphasis on the top. The last tip is a pointy shoe.  It will add length to your image to make it look long and lean.

Bigger on Top

Tops – Show skin around the neck, no soft fabrics

Skirts – A-line that hits just below the knee

Pants – fall away from the hip rather than skinny silhouette and definitely not leggings.

Jackets – button jacket that cinches at waist and end at hips.

Scarves and necklaces – long to give you the illusion of additional height.

If prints are used in the upper half, they should be small rather than bold which also applies to colors. If a bold color is on top it should be repeated on the bottom in some form.  Keep in mind that you are trying to minimize the top and add to the bottom.

The absolute must, a great fitting bra.  Before you buy your next bra have a professional fitting by a staff member at the store, whether it is a Department store or a local specialty shop.

A little extra in the middle –

Tops – structured, meaning no soft fabrics.  A top with princess seams (seams that run vertical on a garment from the shoulder across the bust and shoulder blades to the waist) or v-neckline work well for this body type.  These will also give the illusion of elongating your body.

Pants – slightly wider leg and a crease will increase the illusion of height.

Jackets – fitted and hit just above the waistline or have a silhouette that hits at the hip with a 1 button closure to create a waist.

Dresses – empire waist.

Statement necklaces will add interest to the face along with pendant necklaces and chandelier earrings that will add length to your frame. The same concept for scarves should be followed; colorful scarves across the shoulders to add interest or oblong to add length. A glimpse of a colorful belt is a great addition peeking out from under a structured jacket.

Curvy –  

Tops – a blousy top should be accented with a full flowing bottom.

Pants – skinny work well with a close fitting top or cropped at the waist.  You still want to keep the emphasis on the waist to maintain that hourglass figure.

Jackets – structured, boxy, or even duster length (if worn open for interest)

Dress – simple wrap a la Diane Von Furstenberg or one with a waist seam.

Accessories – use to maintain your proportion; oblong scarf to maintain length and no large volume of scarf at the neck.  Balance a statement necklace with a trendy or eye catching shoe.

This body type can wear just about any style as long as the proportions remain in line.

Not Curvy –

Tops  – from body hugging to volume adding, such as tops with sleeve interest, diagonal or even horizontal stripes.

Pants – from body hugging stretch jeans to volume adding wide leg pants like the ones that are great for summer.

Skirt – look for the pencil skirt that tapers in at the hem or a full skirt.

Accessories – emphasis at the waist with belts, which  can be of any width to give the illusion of the hourglass figure.  You should also use other accessories like scarves and statement necklaces.  But be sure to counter the volume on top with volume on the bottom.

Remember, volume can be created by style, color or pattern.

What outfits are hiding in your closet?

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