Those pressing questions about boots.

Boots of all styles and heights are “in” this season, so perhaps a few tips on “how-to” are in order.

Lace-up Boots

Lace-up boots are everywhere.  So how do you pair them with some of your favorite styles?  Read on…

If you are just starting to dabble in a new pair of lace-up boots and want to ease into it, pair those boots with jeans and a button up shirt or big sweater.  A leather boot would be my choice for this look.  If you are looking to add a trend piece, try your jeans with a nice plaid shirt or one of the funnel neck sweaters that are in the stores. Once you find the right mix, it will be a staple in your closet.

Want to put a little spice in your style, check out a suede boot that is a little rugged but not a thick or heavy sole.  Put on your casual knit dress with leggings or a denim skirt, moto jacket and statement necklace.  How cool is that.

Ready for something that will get you noticed in a good way?  Pick up a pair of wedge boots to pair with a skirt, maybe even a maxi, and a nice structured jacket.

Tall Boots

Even wonder how all the stylish people tuck their jeans into boots without them bunching up?  We searched the web for the answer:

  1. First you need the jeans with the least amount of fabric on the legs – straight-leg is the way to go.
  2. Dig out those knee socks you have stuck in the back of the drawer. Tuck the jeans into your socks; rolling up the bottom of the jeans before tucking into socks will give you better traction.
  3. Or you can search for a pair of jeans and socks all in one.

Jeans with socks









Enjoy and we’ll “talk” to you next week.

Happy Shopping!!

It seems to be more about what isn’t “in” this year

Fall is definitely upon us, though I am still looking at a closet of summer things. But the temperature reading this morning outside my door was 49 degrees so I guess it is time. I recently read something that I want to pass along. Trends will always be a part of fashion, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a slave to fashion.  From a stylist perspective, the more important questions to ask every time you put on an item are:

  • Does it fit
  • Does it flatter

So if you can say “yes”, then look in your closet first to start putting together your favorite outfits for fall.  If you find holes in your closet, then make a list and maybe some of those new trends will make it into your closet, but remember, it’s about making you feel good in everything you wear!  If you said “no”, consider having a trusted friend help you shed some of those items that are just not for you.  She can act as your own personal stylist, or splurge and hire a stylist.  She will be objective and get you on track.

Now on to what you will be seeing this fall. Just as I mentioned in last week’s post on color, as the season goes on, the trends will narrow to a few themes.  Right now there are several.  Leather is still a hot trend, whether a full garment or maybe just parts, like the bodice or sleeves of a jacket.  The short moto jacket in patterns as well as leather also continues as a trend.  Decade trends are big this year.  You will see styles of full skirts from the 50s, shifts and short swing coats from the 60s.  Although the leopard print is a classic and in my mind can never be replaced, you will see snake print in all types of styles.  Plaid continues from last year but with a twist in patterns; buffalo plaid as well as more subtle patterns like glen plaid.  A style that is returning after many years is the funnel neck top in both a short and longer length.

Here are some styles that might fill a void in your closet.

Polyvore - Fall 2014 trends











Enjoy and we’ll “talk” to you next week.

Happy Shopping!!

Fall forecast – what was old is new, including jewelry !

As it is now September, though you can’t tell it from the temperature today, it’s time to talk about what will be the hot trends for the coming season.  Before I give you details, I just want to say something about trends.  First and foremost, your style should reflect who you are.  That means you don’t have to run out and pick up the latest trends to define your style.  Your personal style communicates who you are and that should be your first priority.

The fall trends that are appearing in stores are a mix of styles this year;  a bit of something for everyone.  You will see the return of the ‘50s trend of full skirts and swing jackets for the feminine element.  Think Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.  If the ‘50s aren’t your style, how about the ‘60s with the minimal style detail, high neck and neutral shades, or the ‘80s with the boxy jacket, padded shoulders and attention to details.  This is just a little on the fall trends to get you started with more to come over the coming weeks.

As an added feature, every month I will be calling upon other women to write a guest piece for this blog.  These are women who are in the know of personal style and how it relates to your self-esteem.  Helping you look great translates into making you feel great and when you feel great, you can accomplish anything you set out to do.

Now on to Peggy, our guest blogger of the month, to tell us about the upcoming season in jewelry………

There is a saying – “Life is too short to wear boring jewelry” – and I couldn’t agree more! Whether dressing up for a night on the town or dressing down to run errands around town, I’ve always felt accessorizing completes my look and makes me feel special.

At heart, I am a blue jeans, boots and sweater girl – and when the leaves begin to change color and the air becomes crisp in early fall that’s what you’ll find me dressed in 90% of the time! While I might wish I could live in them all the time, admittedly it’s not always practical. However, the wonderful thing with jewelry is that you can change your look in an instant. Perhaps your day is starting with the preschoolers at the pumpkin patch or running those dreaded errands, followed by a networking lunch, and winding down with dinner out with your guy. No problem! In the morning with your jeans and turtleneck wear a mixed metal pendant, earrings and a few bangles. For lunch switch out your jeans for a pair of straight-legged pants and a blazer and add a chain or two with your pendant. Before heading out to meet your guy go back to your jeans, add dressy boots or heels, slip on a couple of shell pearl bracelets with the bangles , your favorite ring and some sexy dangly earrings. Simple perfection all in the course of one day!

For fall 2014, jewelry trendsetters are showing open cuffs, medallion pendants, multi-chain necklaces and bracelets and delicately designed cuffs and bangles.

I am Peggy Burrows, jewelry rep for esbe Designs – handcrafted jewelry designed exclusively by American designer Sara Blaine.  That passion for wanting just the right piece for the outfit I’m wearing is one reason that lead me to Sara’s jewelry in the first place, and culminated in my becoming a rep for esbe Designs.  Sara has an extraordinary knowledge of gemstones and renowned appreciation for craftsmanship.  Her pieces reflect tradition combined with modern style creating beautiful, unique and trendy jewelry. Right on trend and right for your pocketbook, you will be a fall statement wherever you go.

Champagne Triple Pendant Necklace Ancient World Earrings Enchanted Vine Cuff










For more information about this line you can contact Peggy at

Until next week…

Happy Shopping !!



Location, location, location…

It is true in real estate, but it also relates to fashion.  It is understandable the differences in fashion trends between the East coast and perhaps the Midwest, but it struck me last week when I was at the mall here in Maryland doing some comparison shopping.

Last week, I wrote about my shopping trip to NYC and what I expected to find in the stores.  It was not what was predicted as the trends for this season.  But the one title that NYC can claim is being fashion forward.  The Baltimore/Washington area is a fashion contender, but runs behind NYC and has a history of being more traditional in their dress.  This can be tied to the high level of government related industry.  So where is this all going?  On my shopping trip to the mall I found a huge selection of those long skirts I expected to see in NYC and a minimal selection of soft pants.  Case in point below.


So what is the bottom line here?  Are long skirts in?  Trends will come and go, some sooner than others, but it doesn’t mean you need to be a slave to the trends set by people who aren’t your ordinary woman.  Long skirts are ”in”, but so are soft pants. As I tell my clients, trends usually last 3-5 years, so if you find something that you like and puts a

smile on your face whenever you wear it, that’s what matters.

I was just reading an article in Ladies Home Journal as I waited for a doctor appointment and it said Brights are “in”, especially cobalt blue.  Funny, all the experts said pastels were “in.”  You can only buy what the industry decided to make and stores decide to carry, but it doesn’t mean you need to turn on a dime, every time the trend makes a turn.

Happy Shopping!

P.S.  Don’t forget about recycling old clothing.   11.1 million tons of fabric that could be recycled end up in landfills every year.  Instead of trashing old clothes you can give them a second life by recycling them.  Check out the link below.  You could get a 15% off coupon when you recycle at H&M.