Your skin is glowing!






Now that’s a woman who knows what colors look good on her!

It’s not your tan or new makeup, it’s what you are wearing!  Using the right color for your hair and skin tone makes a big difference in how you look.  Try this test:

In natural light, these are the indicators to look for when selecting the color of an item.

• Does the skin glow? Does the color cause skin imperfections or wrinkles to be less noticeable? Does it cause the face to have fewer shadows?

• Does the color bring out the highlights in hair?

• Do the eyes sparkle with this color?

Color should be an important part of creating an outfit.  It can change the look in an instant and it’s a great way to create balance in your shape and make you look great. First, some insight into using color.  Do you know the easy way to determine if colors go together?   Some people have an eye for that, but if you don’t here are some tricks.

Colors that are opposite on the color wheel are complimentary colors.  This means they work well together in your outfit.  Colors that also work well for an outfit are adjacent colors.  These colors are usually found in nature and have you ever see anything clash in nature.  They will create harmony in an outfit.  And last there is the concept of color families.  They give you a great monochromatic look that creates a long slimming effect. Take a look at the color wheel below.

Color Wheel







And there is still the old rule of white and black are considered neutral, but also gray, brown, navy and cream.

Now let’s move on to color in relation to your skin, hair and eye color.  There are some colors that should just not be worn by some people.  I personally cannot wear most shades of blue.  You want the color up against your skin to make it glow.  Some of you may have heard of the concept of “color me beautiful.”  These were usually in-home shows that determined what category you were – spring, summer, fall, winter.  I can still remember attending one of those parties in a stunning black pinstripe skirt suit I had just bought, at a discount of course, from the store I was working at.  I was crushed when they determined I was a spring and should never wear black.  Up against my face, true, never, false and this is where accessories come in.  Add a scarf that complements your skin tones and that great bargain can be added to your wardrobe with confidence.


• Use a contrasting color to your hair (on the standard color wheel) next to your face.

Example: Green with red hair, purple with blonde hair. And of course if you have purple hair, yellow would look great or you just decide to go punk and have organ hair, wear blue!

• Combine a dark or bright color with a neutral.

Example: Light pastel with dark brown hair or skin.

• Repeat a large amount of the same color in a lower intensity (in a more muted tone or one that is less bright) near it.

Example: Grayed blue with clear blue eyes

• Repeat the same color in a brighter intensity, but in a small amount.

Example: Emerald green scarf with green eyes.

If you love a color that doesn’t work well, find a different shade in the same color family, try incorporating it into the outfit via accessories (an orange shoe, a red belt or bag), or use the color far from the face.

Universal Colors

Jewel tones: emerald, sapphire, ruby, turquoise work well with virtually any hair/skin/eye combination – and they’re versatile enough for both foundation and accent clothing pieces.

Coral is a color that works for almost everyone. It flatters every skin tone!

Black and white does not go out of style; they are timeless, classic and versatile. They are, however, extremes on the color wheel. As such, they can be harsh on older skin and reveal imperfections, so use it carefully. Maybe add a red scarf at the neck.   Grey, charcoals, navy, chocolate brown and creams may be better options for those of us starting to show lines of experience.

And last, colors for your body type:

    • Bigger on Top  – use a light color on the bottom and dark on top
    • Bigger on the Bottom –  put that bright splash of color on top
    • A little extra in the middle – focus color around the face
    • Curvy  – you can use color to the extent you want to accentuate
    • Not Curvy  – use color to add volume

What outfits are hiding in your closet?


Have you tried…….

This morning I was heading to the pool for a class then, meeting up with a fellow entrepreneur over coffee.  So what was I going to wear that was easy to transport to the pool along with accessories, of course.  Too hot for crop pants, a skirt meant a top, maybe shrug and jewelry.  Too much to carry!  I turn to where the pants and dresses are in my closet.  There is it, a jersey knit dress in a ’70s pattern of coral, yellow and orange.  Easy!  Because the dress has a bold pattern, all I had to add was pair of earrings and I was done. And I always get tons of compliments when I wear this dress; a shift style that works well even though my body type is bigger on the bottom.   I have dressed it up for work, or dressed it down for casual meetings like today.   Is it this easy for you in the mornings?  It should be, particularly in the summer when we all want to maximize our outdoor time enjoying the weather and not standing in the closet figuring out what to wear.

I have assembled a few examples of dresses for each of the 5 body types I have discussed before.  It’s all about creating balance in your figure which can be done not only by the cut of the dress but with colors and patterns.  Add some accessories and you are off to spend time doing what you really want to do.

Polyvore - dresses










What outfits are hiding in your closet?








Oh no it’s bathing suit season!

With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what will be your go-to suit for the season.  Some of this season’s trends revolve around the style; i.e. cutouts, Multi-strapped, Bralettes/Crop top and High-waisted.  Others revolve around the fabric; i.e, crocheted, fringe, animal/ethnic print and LBBS (or Little Black Bathing Suit).

bathing suits 2015 - high waistBathing suits 2015 - ruffles-multi-stringbathing suits 2015 - cutout

But wearing the latest trend should be secondary to finding a style that will work best for your body type.  Just as in other areas of your wardrobe, the bathing suit should balance your figure.

If you are “Bigger on the Top,” go for a suit with modest coverage.  A V-neck halter top with underwire and wide straps will give “the girls” the support they need.  Also consider the use of color; darks to conceal and brights to accentuate.

For those of you who are “Bigger on the Bottom,” you will want a suit that brings attention to the top.  For you, a padded or push-up top is a consideration as well as tops with special interest from horizontal strips to bold patterns or ruffles.  Avoid triangle tops and solid colors.

“Curvy” women should maintain the balance in the suit through the use of patterns and color.

The woman who is “Not Curvy” should look for a suit that will add curves to both top and bottom.  Patterns and ruffles work well on this body type, padded tops and skirted bottoms are other options.  Triangle tops and side tie bottoms should be off your shopping list.

If you have a “Little Extra in the Middle” look to a one-piece suit that has tummy control and ruching (gathering) at the waist.  A suit that creates the illusion of long and lean will also flatter this figure.  Prints down the middle or dark side panels can give you that effect.

So does the trend you want to wear fit your body type?  Sometimes a pattern and color can be more important in creating the look that will make you feel great on the beach or at the pool.

St Thomas Catamaran Swim Suit Picture v2









Choose wisely and you won’t need to hide behind that cover-up.  And don’t forget to lather on the sunscreen!

What outfits are hiding in your closet?

The body type we all long for


Well, the calendar has flipped to another month, but it roared in like a lion.  Let’s hope the lamb shows up soon and decides to stay.  I don’t know anyone who has loved this winter!

So about now you are really tired of your winter wardrobe, but it’s still winter so I thought in this week’s post I would not only talk about the next of the 5 body types, but also key in on how any body type can change up an outfit to reflect a small glimmer of spring.

The curvy body type (hourglass figure) is one of the easiest to dress and the one the rest of us try to imitate.  You are an elite group; comprising only 7% of the female population.  You have hips and bust about equal in proportion and a smaller waist.  This body type can wear just about any style as long as the proportions remain in line.  For you a blousy top should be accented with a full flowing bottom,  skinny pants with a close fitting top or cropped at the waist.  You still want to keep the emphasis on the waist to maintain that hourglass figure.  Jackets should be structured or boxy, but can also be the duster length and worn open for interest. The dress that is made for you is the simple wrap a la Diane Von Furstenberg.  Accessories should also work to maintain your proportion; oblong scarf to maintain length and no large volume of scarf at the neck.  Balance a statement necklace with a trendy or eye catching shoe.

polyvore - winter curves












To freshen up that winter wardrobe without shopping, add a lighter shade blazer, I.e. light gray instead of dark gray; a flower pin as an accessory, or break out those white pants (yes white) instead of black pants with a pastel or bright top.

I’d love to hear from you about style questions or comments on this post!

What outfits are hiding in your closet?