Are any of these trends calling your name?

With shorter days come cooler temps and another season of new trends. As usual there are some varying opinions; I am highlighting the ones that everyone seems to agree on.

Bling is back! From drop earrings to embellishments, there is much more shine this season. So bring back out your feminine, sparkly jewelry. Drop earring can be a way to add height and they do work for the office, though I would go light on the shine.   Reacting to last winter’s weather, the short black flat boot will be “in” and practical. Wow what a concept! And shoes will be trending towards lady loafers; footwear with a stacked kitten heel for comfort. Pair these with tights in both solids and patterns. Other accessory looks that will be around are long skinny scarves with a boho influence and long gloves, an influence from the new Mrs. Clooney.

fall15 trends_blockkittenheel








As for the styles that will be hot this season, it all seems to center around keeping warm. That means layers. Skirts will have something for everyone. There is the carwash pleat, think box pleats cut open, the flounce skirt that has been dubbed “happy hemlines” and the always popular mini skirt. I see pairing the pleats and mini with the chucky oversized sweaters or turtlenecks, which are making a return this year. How about a sleek turtleneck with a flounce skirt for the office? And the pant silhouette makes a change with the return of the flare and higher waisted, wide leg styles which can give you the long leg and tiny waist look. If you aren’t a fan of this pant try a wide belt at the waist to give that cinched in look; instant hourglass shape.

fall15trends_carwashskirts fall15trends_flouncehems








Texture treatments are very prevalent. In addition to the chunky sweaters, there is lots of fur, both faux and real. Coat cuffs with fur, fur on boots and shoes, fur stoles worn diagonally over coats and shearling coats. Do the designers sense something about our upcoming winter weather? Another texture is fringe, which began last fall. You will see fringe at the hem of vests, and on dresses. If that is a bit much for you, try it as an accessory such as on a scarf or purse.


Fall 2015 faux-fur-w724 Fall 2015 chunky-knits-w724










And it’s time to breakout your poncho. It can be a great layering piece to go over a blazer in lieu of a coat.

These are a few snippets of what you’ll be seeing in stores. Does this work for you? Remember, just because it’s a trend, doesn’t mean the style is right for your body type.


What outfits are hiding in your closet?

Girls just want to have curves!

If you are a woman with a “not curvy” body type, i.e. your waist is in line with the hips and shoulders,  you will have to create the  curves that will give you an hourglass figure. One option to create the appearance of curves is by wearing body hugging clothing.   The other option is by adding volume to the top and bottom.   Bottoms can go from body hugging stretch jeans to volume adding wide leg pants like the ones that are trending for spring.  If you are shopping for a new skirt, look for the pencil skirt that tapers in at the hem or a full skirt.   Tops can also go from body hugging to volume adding, such as tops with sleeve interest,  diagonal or even horizontal stripes.

And don’t forget the emphasis at the waist with belts.  You can use any width to give the illusion of the hourglass figure.  You should also use other accessories like scarves and statement necklaces.  But be sure to counter the volume on top with volume on the bottom. Remember, volume can be created by style, color or pattern.

Here are two sample outfits for the “not curvy” figure.  The outfit on the left adds volume on the top with color and a scarf at the neck and emphasizes the waist with a cardigan that ends at the waist.  On the right, horizontal stripes and the off-the-shoulder style adds width to the top and the light color skirt adds volume.  Both outfits can go from office to an evening out by taking off the jacket/sweater.  Do you have something similar you could put together in your closet?

Polyvore - not curvy










Let me hear your comments!

What outfits are hiding in your closet?




The body type we all long for


Well, the calendar has flipped to another month, but it roared in like a lion.  Let’s hope the lamb shows up soon and decides to stay.  I don’t know anyone who has loved this winter!

So about now you are really tired of your winter wardrobe, but it’s still winter so I thought in this week’s post I would not only talk about the next of the 5 body types, but also key in on how any body type can change up an outfit to reflect a small glimmer of spring.

The curvy body type (hourglass figure) is one of the easiest to dress and the one the rest of us try to imitate.  You are an elite group; comprising only 7% of the female population.  You have hips and bust about equal in proportion and a smaller waist.  This body type can wear just about any style as long as the proportions remain in line.  For you a blousy top should be accented with a full flowing bottom,  skinny pants with a close fitting top or cropped at the waist.  You still want to keep the emphasis on the waist to maintain that hourglass figure.  Jackets should be structured or boxy, but can also be the duster length and worn open for interest. The dress that is made for you is the simple wrap a la Diane Von Furstenberg.  Accessories should also work to maintain your proportion; oblong scarf to maintain length and no large volume of scarf at the neck.  Balance a statement necklace with a trendy or eye catching shoe.

polyvore - winter curves












To freshen up that winter wardrobe without shopping, add a lighter shade blazer, I.e. light gray instead of dark gray; a flower pin as an accessory, or break out those white pants (yes white) instead of black pants with a pastel or bright top.

I’d love to hear from you about style questions or comments on this post!

What outfits are hiding in your closet?

Master your illusion

No you don’t have to be a magician; all you need is some insight on what styles are key to creating that hourglass figure.

When you did your homework a few weeks ago, if you came away with measurements which showed the middle was wider than hips and bust, your body type is a Little extra in the Middle.  If you are armed with a few style facts, you too can look like you have an hourglass figure.

Starting with tops, essential for your wardrobe are ones that have structure, meaning no soft fabrics. Tops with  princess seams (seams that run vertical on a garment from the shoulder across the bust and should blades to the waist) or v-neckline work well for this body type.  They will also give the illusion of elongating your body.  Jackets should be fitted and hit just above the waistline or have a silhouette that hits at the hip with a 1 button closure to create a waist.  Look for pants with a slightly wider leg and a crease will increase the illusion of height.

Statement necklaces will add interest to the face along with pendant necklaces and chandelier earrings that will add length to your frame.  The same concept for scarves should be followed; colorful scarves across the shoulders to add interest or oblong to add length. A glimpse of a colorful belt is a great addition peeking out from under a structured jacket.

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some examples.  Mix and match in your head to create you ideal style.  Are you a classic person or do you like the contemporary look?  It may be dependent on your environment.  Maybe the dress du jour for you is classic suiting for the office, but when the weekend comes you’re a fashionista.

Polyvore - a little extra in the middle










I’d love to hear from you about style questions or comments on this post!

What outfits are hiding in your closet?