THE colors of Spring/Summer 2016

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Just when you think spring is around the the corner, they are predicting wet snow in the next few days.  But think positive and keep looking forward, we are closer to spring then not.   This spring, the color palette from Pantone Color Institute, the people who forecast color trends, will help you envision a calm, tranquil environment with a mix of pastels and brights,  There is something for everyone.

Rose Quartz and Serenity, announced as the colors of the year for 2016, are light and airy. Orange has been a strong color for many seasons, so it’s not surprising to find Peach Echo, a pastel of the orange family, stepping into the scene to continue consumer’s love for orange. Limpet Shell, a shade of Aqua, rounds out the pastel palette of colors for women’s fashions this season.

Every season needs neutrals and this season is no exception, with softer versions of navy, brown and gray.  Snorkel blue conjures up a warm sunny beach and relaxation. Lilac Gray puts a new twist on basic gray with a hint of lilac and Iced Coffee is a great transitional color that can carry you from spring to fall.

For those who’s skin and hair color need more bright fabrics in their closet, there are several to consider this season.  The brilliant shade of Green Flash, brings a touch of the outdoors to your wardrobe. It reminds me of the newly budding trees of spring.  Fiesta is bright and fun and would be a great combination with the sunny feel of Buttercup.

I just love this use of Green Flash, Limpet Shell and Fiesta in this design by Nicole Miller.

Nicole Miller Spring 2016

Nicole Miller


Whether you prefer bright colors or pastels, there are many ways to mix and match this season with each other and with the help of the new neutrals. Experiment by first looking in your closet!


What outfits are hiding in your closet?

Spring cleaning in your closet

Cloest B-W (1)








In our post in early May titled “ Spring closets 101” we talked about going through your closet with the change of seasons and finally cleaning out those items you have just been pushing aside from season to season, with the intent of wearing them at some point.  Well if you haven’t already done so, the time is NOW.  You have had some time to start developing your “go-to” outfits for this season.  Why not lighten the load with fewer items to worry about.

As you sort through things, make several piles.  Ones that you consider past any hope of being worn again as they are torn or stained, ones that just aren’t right for you anymore; whether style or size, and those that are good, but just do not fit the style image you want to project.

Here is some insight into your options for what to do with those items you took out of the closet; don’t look back and don’t second guess yourself.


There are many options for donating usable clothing, some with pick-up service that are nationally known such as Vietnam Veterans of America and The Salvation Army. These are 2 of my favorite as the clothing is used for a good cause. I also came across a central site on the web where you can arrange donation pick-up service that stays local. Check out Donation Town.

For donations that have seen better days, don’t just throw them in the trash, recycle them and get a discount in the deal. H&M offers H&M Conscious in their stores. They will accept any clothing, not just an H&M brand, to be recycled. You can bring into the store up to 2 bags/day and in return get a 20% coupon toward a purchase. What a deal! And H&M is a great place to pick up a new trendy item at a great price.

Swap some clothing

There are many sites on the web that offer this type of deal but what about throwing a swap party with your friends? This is a great for a girl’s night out. It would also be a great place to swap not just clothing but scarves, belts and jewelry. If you want a little education added to the mix, Your Style IQ would be happy to join the fun and give you a mini session on the accessories for each body type.

Consignment –

True you invested in every one of those garments you are about to send out the door, but there is no reason not to recoup some of that as spendable cash rather than a tax deduction. Every town has local consignment shops with varying percentages of what you will earn on clothing they sell for you.

There are also many options on-line with their own app like Threadflip. Be sure to check carefully as every store or sight has a list of “labels” they will accept.

If you are not into the on-line option, consignment shops are the way to go.  The profit from the sale of an item is split either 50/50 or 60/40 between the seller and the store, with the higher percentage going to the consignment shop. Again, most shops have labels they prefer, so check directly with the store.

I have not visited most but have several clients and friends who know which one to go to for a particular type of item.  Here is the run down in no particular order and by no means a comprehensive list.

Love Me Two Times – 6000 Wyndhurst Ave, Baltimore, MD; 410-323-1070

Designer and vintage clothing.

ReDeux – 5002 Lawndale Ave, Baltimore, MD; 410-323-2140

High end designer fashions.

Vogue Revisited –  4002 Roland Ave, Baltimore, MD; 410-235-4140

Name brand clothing and accessories.

Style Finds Consignment – 5455 Harpers Farm Rd, Columbia, MD; 410-715-4579

Premium designer clothing and accessories for women as well as household décor and furniture.

Boliwalou – 8141 Main Street, Ellicott City, MD; 410-203-1033

Quality retail store brands along with European designers and vintage.

Fancypants – 626 Admiral Drive, Annapolis, MD; 410-288-5501

A mix of designer  labels, quality ready-to-wear, gowns and furs.  This store pays you up-front!

Uptown Cheapskate – Locations in Timonium, Salisbury and Rockville, MD

Franchise Resale store  – trendy clothing store for teens and young adults. This store pays you up-front!

Plato’s Closet Laurel – 13600 Baltimore Avenue, Laurel, MD; 301-497-9790

Gently used clothing, shoes and accessories for teens and twenty-somethings.

The Surprise Shop – 122 Allegheny Ave, Towson, MD; 410-828-9343

Men’s and Women’s clothing in addition to accessories, books and music.  Proceeds benefit homeless and less fortunate of Baltimore County.

Wow!  Look at all that room in your closet!  Much easier to find new outfits right in your closet.


What outfits are hiding in your closet?

Spring closets 101

Now that the spring/summer season is in full swing, you’ve had the opportunity to slip back into some of those favorite outfits from last season.  But how many other items do you have in your closet that you keep pushing around and passing up.  Could these be waiting to create a whole new outfit with little to no expense?  One of the things I love to do when working with clients,  is find multiple new outfits just by changing up a piece or two and adding accessories.  You can do the same.  How do you find those new outfits?  You have to start by organizing your closet.

First step to organizing your closet is to group like items together; pants, skirts, dresses, tops and jackets.  Next within the groupings, arrange them by color.  It doesn’t matter what order the colors are in, but use the same color pattern for each category of clothing.  Phew!

Now that your closet is organized, pull out the item or items that you have not worn this year and barely last year and put them on the bed.  Then go back to your closet, glance through your categories and pull out items that may work.  And don’t forget to use jewelry, belts and scarves to change up that outfit.

Can’t tell what colors go together?  Use of a color wheel can help.  Colors that are opposite or next to each other on the wheel will complement each other. Also take a cue from nature, what colors to do see in flower or foliage plants.  The other nice color combo is by family; aka monochromatic.  This is a great look and very slimming.

Color WheelNow that you have that new outfit worked out, snap a photo so you will remember it!

Here’s a trick to see what items in your closet are the ones you keep going back to.  Tie a piece of ribbon on your rod in each category; for folded items on a shelf or in a draw, put a piece of  cardboard on top of the stack.  After you wear that piece, hang it to the right of the ribbon or place on top of the cardboard.  After a month or two, based on how many things you have in your closet, take a good look at what is on the left side of that ribbon or still under the cardboard.  Are you not wearing it because you just can’t find anything else to go with it, or is it another reason?  It may be time for it to be recycled or donated.  More on that topic in a future post.



And lastly, the trip to Europe was wonderful with exceptionally good weather for April.  Here is one of my favorite shots of street styles in London.

London street style






Scarves were popular as well as sandals (even though the temps were in the 50s), big bags and color.


What outfits are hiding in your closet?

Sometimes, old becomes new!

If you watch fashion long enough, styles do repeat themselves and the spring/summer season of 2015 is no exception.

The first few trends are not limited to a particular style but fabric.  Gingham is “in.”  It is not just the standard small two color pattern we have seen off and on over the years, but large block pattern with 2 or 3 colors. If you decide to try this pattern, be sure to keep your body type in mind; don’t overwhelm your body with a pattern that is not in proportion for your body type.

Next is suede.  I can’t remember a spring/summer season in the recent past where suede was a trend.  I will be honest, as much as I think this is great for shoes, I do not see it being very popular in tropical or humid climates.  Remember to keep the colors light to look deliberate in your use of suede in the spring/summer.

The last of the fabric trends is sheer or etched out fabric.  There is a lot of room for creativity here.  Take a sheer white or cream blouse and put a matching camisole underneath if you are conservative, or be different with a colored etched t-shirt with a complimenting tank underneath.  This would be a great way to wear the new pastel shades.

Vests will be popular this season in various lengths. And yes, try pairing a long vest with a short skirt or shorts. This vest can also be styled liked a kimono and warn alone or with a shell, tank or sheer shirt.

Another version of old is new is the 70’s style, most often referred to now as boho.  I was in H&M in NYC over the weekend and they have some great looks at great prices.  If you lived through the 70’s, you may find the new versions a fresh change from what you remember. The emphasis is on the print as well as the style; wide leg pants, tunic tops and great patterns, but unlike the 70’s you can belt the new look and show off your figure.

Continuing on that comfort style, it’s nice to see the shirtdress coming back into style and it’s not limited to a chambray fabric.  I have seen variations from a small floral print to the summer suede version.  I love a nice wide belt to emphasize the waist when wearing this style.

There are always multiple views on what will be the hot trends of the season.  Here are a few of my favorite picks for this season.

polyvore - spring 2015













What outfits are hiding in your closet?