THE colors of Spring/Summer 2016

spring-2016-color-report-pantone 2


Just when you think spring is around the the corner, they are predicting wet snow in the next few days.  But think positive and keep looking forward, we are closer to spring then not.   This spring, the color palette from Pantone Color Institute, the people who forecast color trends, will help you envision a calm, tranquil environment with a mix of pastels and brights,  There is something for everyone.

Rose Quartz and Serenity, announced as the colors of the year for 2016, are light and airy. Orange has been a strong color for many seasons, so it’s not surprising to find Peach Echo, a pastel of the orange family, stepping into the scene to continue consumer’s love for orange. Limpet Shell, a shade of Aqua, rounds out the pastel palette of colors for women’s fashions this season.

Every season needs neutrals and this season is no exception, with softer versions of navy, brown and gray.  Snorkel blue conjures up a warm sunny beach and relaxation. Lilac Gray puts a new twist on basic gray with a hint of lilac and Iced Coffee is a great transitional color that can carry you from spring to fall.

For those who’s skin and hair color need more bright fabrics in their closet, there are several to consider this season.  The brilliant shade of Green Flash, brings a touch of the outdoors to your wardrobe. It reminds me of the newly budding trees of spring.  Fiesta is bright and fun and would be a great combination with the sunny feel of Buttercup.

I just love this use of Green Flash, Limpet Shell and Fiesta in this design by Nicole Miller.

Nicole Miller Spring 2016

Nicole Miller


Whether you prefer bright colors or pastels, there are many ways to mix and match this season with each other and with the help of the new neutrals. Experiment by first looking in your closet!


What outfits are hiding in your closet?

Office outfit to Holiday outfit

Turkey day is over, which means we are a few weeks away from Christmas and the celebration of the holiday season.  You just got an invitation to a holiday celebration with the boss and fellow office staff.  As with any function that involves senior executives in your workplace, you should dress appropriately.  That means nothing too high at the hem or low at the neck, or so tight that you dare not sit down.  Save the real party girl outfits for the club or the celebration with close friends and family.

It’s always wonderful to go out and buy a festive new dress, skirt or pants for a special occasion, but is it a good investment piece? Why not be creative with what you already have in your closet. If you are like most women you have a festive thing or two hanging in your closet just waiting to see the light of day or sparkly jewelry stuffed in a drawer for years. If you do need to add one of these items to make the transition to a holiday outfit, you may want to keep the investment at a minimal cost by shopping at a local thrift or consignment shop or a discount retail location. I love to shop H&M and Forever 21 for trendy accessories at a low cost.

Add a jewel colored top, one that makes your skin and eyes shine, to a current pair of pants or skirt. Accessories with a little sparkle and shine go a long way.  Add a statement necklace or dangle earrings to a current dress.  Pashminas are a must for every wardrobe and if it has some sparkle to it all the better. Throw it around your shoulders in case the event is chilly. A pop of color or shine in your footwear will complete the outfit.

Here are some suggestions on how to take an office outfit and turn it into a holiday celebration outfit with little to no additional investment.

Polyvore - Holiday 15 pants

Swap out your sweaters and booties for a sleeveless top, statement accessories and shoes with a heel.


Polyvore - Holiday 15 skirt

Leave the sweater at home and change up the shoes for heels.  The red sleeveless blouse is a great holiday look with a gold belt (this should be a staple in your closet).  Or add a glittery top! No other accessories necessary.

Polyvore - Holiday 15 dress

Think you can’t make an office dress work for a party?  Change a jacket or sweater for a shrug, fringed top (trendy) or go sleeveless.  Add some jewelry, a different belt and different heels.  Even a sweater dress can look great.

What outfits are hiding in your closet?


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Do you have a variety of boots in your closet?

polyvore - boots 2015












Boots of all styles and heights continue to be a staple for the season ahead of us. As I reported in my “trends” post there are more practical styles than ever. But not to worry if you are a lover of boots with heels, they are also plentiful in the stores. Here are a few tips on “how-to” incorporate those boots into your go-to style.


Lace-up Boots
Lace-up boots are everywhere. If this is your preferred style, this season they are being shown with all sorts of outfits. If you are just starting to dabble in a new pair of lace-up boots and want to ease into it, pair those boots with jeans and a button up shirt or a big sweater. A leather boot would be my choice for this look, particularly if they will be your boot of choice for everyday wear. I find that suede is nice, but needs more attention to combat the elements than leather. If you are looking to be more trendy, pair these boots with a midi skirt, turtleneck sweater and faux fur or quilted vest. Once you find the right mix, it will be a staple in your closet.
Want to put a little spice in your style? Check out a suede boot that is a little rugged but not too thick or heavy a sole. Put on your casual knit dress with leggings or a denim skirt with patterned tights and chunky sweater. And don’t forget the statement necklace. How cool is that.
Ready for something that will get you noticed in a good way? Pick up a pair of wedge boots to pair with a skirt, and a nice structured blazer.


Flat Booties
The ankle bootie is a style that is easy to wear. It works well with pants or jeans and you don’t need to worry about how to keep them tucked in the boot. They also work great with a skirt or dress. If paired with a pair of patterned or solid tights that match the bootie you will have that long leg look that will make you look taller yet have the comfort of a flat boot.


Tall Boots
What would the season be without a tall boot in your closet. They are versatile and can be worn casual with jeans tucked in, or with a dress or skirt for work or an evening out. My favorite way to wear them is with a pair of fleece lined leggings and long layered tops. How about a swing long sleeve tee and a waterfall sweater or a poncho with fringe to show off your trendy side?
Even wonder how all the stylish people tuck their jeans into boots without them bunching up? We searched the web for the answer:
1. First you need the jeans with the least amount of fabric on the legs – straight-leg is the way to go.
2. Dig out those knee socks you have stuck in the back of the drawer.  Roll up the bottom of the jeans to give you better traction, then tuck the jeans into your socks.
3. Or you can search for a pair of jeans and socks all in one.

Jeans with socks









What outfits are hiding in your closet?
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Are any of these trends calling your name?

With shorter days come cooler temps and another season of new trends. As usual there are some varying opinions; I am highlighting the ones that everyone seems to agree on.

Bling is back! From drop earrings to embellishments, there is much more shine this season. So bring back out your feminine, sparkly jewelry. Drop earring can be a way to add height and they do work for the office, though I would go light on the shine.   Reacting to last winter’s weather, the short black flat boot will be “in” and practical. Wow what a concept! And shoes will be trending towards lady loafers; footwear with a stacked kitten heel for comfort. Pair these with tights in both solids and patterns. Other accessory looks that will be around are long skinny scarves with a boho influence and long gloves, an influence from the new Mrs. Clooney.

fall15 trends_blockkittenheel








As for the styles that will be hot this season, it all seems to center around keeping warm. That means layers. Skirts will have something for everyone. There is the carwash pleat, think box pleats cut open, the flounce skirt that has been dubbed “happy hemlines” and the always popular mini skirt. I see pairing the pleats and mini with the chucky oversized sweaters or turtlenecks, which are making a return this year. How about a sleek turtleneck with a flounce skirt for the office? And the pant silhouette makes a change with the return of the flare and higher waisted, wide leg styles which can give you the long leg and tiny waist look. If you aren’t a fan of this pant try a wide belt at the waist to give that cinched in look; instant hourglass shape.

fall15trends_carwashskirts fall15trends_flouncehems








Texture treatments are very prevalent. In addition to the chunky sweaters, there is lots of fur, both faux and real. Coat cuffs with fur, fur on boots and shoes, fur stoles worn diagonally over coats and shearling coats. Do the designers sense something about our upcoming winter weather? Another texture is fringe, which began last fall. You will see fringe at the hem of vests, and on dresses. If that is a bit much for you, try it as an accessory such as on a scarf or purse.


Fall 2015 faux-fur-w724 Fall 2015 chunky-knits-w724










And it’s time to breakout your poncho. It can be a great layering piece to go over a blazer in lieu of a coat.

These are a few snippets of what you’ll be seeing in stores. Does this work for you? Remember, just because it’s a trend, doesn’t mean the style is right for your body type.


What outfits are hiding in your closet?