A little help from our friends!

We’ll fall is in full swing and we are all getting into the groove of putting together warm, cozy outfits to ward off the chill. If you have an office with a mind of its own, it can be hard to predict whether it’s going to be warm or chilly on any given day.  That’s where the office sweater, boyfriend jacket or pashmina come in handy.  Layering  also works well, but not always an easy option in a professional office.  How do you take off your pull-over sweater in a meeting?  Personally I would go with a neutral pashmina to look chic in the face of a cold office or conference room.

Now as to the outfit.  You have all heard of the “good old boys” network, well I am a firm believer in the “good old girl’s” network.

To give you some ideas for creating something new from your wardrobe without going shopping, I am passing along the latest inspiration from fellow stylist, Hillary Rushford, of Brooklyn, New York.  Hillary and her “bettys”, as she likes to call her followers, started a  monthly challenge as a great way to stir those creative ideas and help you think outside the box when it comes to what to wear.

November Challenge








So take a look at the calendar and get some fresh ideas going.  You know you have things hiding in your closet. Save the calendar above to your phone and share it with your followers on Instagram tagging @HilaryRushford and @your_style_iq with #StyleMeNovember.

Do you have fashion conscious friends you think would love a free month of style inspiration? Check out #StyleMe bettys list here. for more details.

Can’t wait to see what you post!

Enjoy and we’ll “talk” to you next week.

Happy Shopping!!

So what’s holding you back?

Fellow stylist, Hillary Rushford, in Brooklyn, New York put together a short video series talking about getting your closet down to the items that really matter, identifying your personal style and what holds women back from looking their best every day.  As I have said before, we can be our worst enemies and Hillary echoes that sentiment.  For whatever reason, we see our “flaws” as much worse than they are.  You probably think everyone is looking at that one area and noticing that and nothing else about you.  You could have on a dynamite outfit, but the first thing friends and others notice will be your “flaw.”

We as women need to focus on the positive like that great outfit.  But that leads to the second issue most women have; that is fear of being noticed for what you are wearing or your makeup or a new hairdo.  Several years ago, before I started my personal style consulting business, I was at a training session for senior leaders in Federal Service.  At graduation, the 33 women in the class dressed in business attire for our graduation ceremony.  95% of the women had on a black, brown, or navy suit with little to no accessories. I of course was not one of them. How are you going to make a great impression if you don’t show some creativity in your outfit?

A little over a year ago I found a new hairdresser.  I have battled curly hair all my life.  Yes, I know you women out there with straight hair are saying “I wish.” But when you live in the Mid-Atlantic States in the summer, those curls would turn to frizz.  I went from shoulder length blow-dry straight hair to chin length natural curls in one cut and it has crept up a bit since then.  All of a sudden I was getting compliments from perfect strangers on how great my hair looked.  And all because I found a great stylists and a great product for my hair that embraced my curls and did not turn to frizz.

That’s what wearing the right outfits for your body is all about.  It can change everything.  Give yourself permission to wear that trendy outfit, or as Hillary says that bold lipstick and let that inner person who wants to walk out of the house feeling great every day.  A personal stylist can help you get there!

Happy Shopping!

P.S.  Be sure to check out Hillary’s videos at http://deanstreetsociety.com/styleability