Vacation Closet Postscript


If you have been following my posts in the month of January, you know that I was away in a much warmer climate; Apache Junction, Arizona which is east of Phoenix.  During that time I shared what I packed in my suitcase and the outfits I created from those items for the month.  Now that I’m back I decided to do a review of what worked well, what didn’t and things to consider for the next time.

The temperatures were predicted to be in the 40s at night and upper 60s to low 70s during the day which was pretty close to true with a few mornings being a little colder and a few days being upper 70s to low 80s. This is a place where you can be busy all day, or just sit by the pool and read.  My husband and I chose the former.

As a reminder, these were the items in “my vacation closet.”

Here is the suitcase (25” hard side) I used. I also carried a backpack on the plane and a cross-body purse.


In addition to all the clothing pictured above, I packed in there 5 days worth of undergarments, 2 bathing suits, a hooded sweatshirt, lounge PJs and the items pictured below.


For just about all my travel (plane, train or car) I always layer an outfit and wear leggings, for this trip it meant black leggings, bronze colored tank top, denim shirt and a cashmere wrap.  I also always wear my sneakers on the plane as they are bulky to pack and no matter what, they always come with me; experience has taught me that.

When I packed, I chose colors that were versatile enough to mix and match just about everything in “my vacation closet.”  As you could tell from photos, there was a lot of mixing and matching and although I brought several scarves to add patterns and upper interest to my outfits, it just wasn’t that dressy of a place to use them.  I had anticipated eating out maybe once a week, but instead we rotated fixing dinner among 3 couples and only had dinner out once.  But we did have a dance once a week and a concert once a week, so that was considered the evening casual looks.

I got it right items:

Daytime Tops – All of the casual cotton short sleeve tops, top and center left in the “My Suitcase” collage, along with the black/white top center bottom worked well either alone or, if it was a little cooler, layered with my hooded sweatshirt or the denim shirt.

Daytime and Evening Bottoms – All of the bottoms worked well, from the casual gray shorts, beige capris to the 2 different weight leggings, skinny Chico’s pant and jeans.  The jeans, Chico’s pant and heavier weight leggings were good for the cooler days and evenings as this is a place that has very little humidity so as soon as the sun goes down, so does the temperature.  A tip for your leggings, they can do duel duty as capris if you pull them up to create a “seam” just below the knee as I did in bottom left picture of the “Mix and Match” collage in the Facebook post.

Evening Tops – Here is where the mix and match came into play a lot.  The tops in the center and bottom right of the “My Suitcase” collage were my staples along with the cashmere wrap.  I used these a lot, both alone and layered with a camisole underneath.

What I didn’t use:

I got very little use out of the 3 tank tops.  It was a little too cool to wear alone during the day and only used a cotton one once as a layer under the denim shirt for a very casual evening.

I also didn’t need the pair of bronze colored flats.  If I needed shoes, the short boots worked fine.

As I mentioned before, I didn’t get much use out of the scarves, but I would continue to pack scarves in the future as they take up very little space and add interest to your outfit.  This was true for the belt as well.

In lieu of the purple long sleeve top pictured in the “My Suitcase” collage, I would have packed a different top as it would have been more versatile.

What did I need but not pack:

I originally had a denim skirt out to pack but changed my mind.  Go with your first instinct, I should have brought it.

I also would have gotten use out of additional leggings to go with the burnt orange tops and denim shirt.  I did purchase 2  pair from LuLaRoe  when we went shopping at Mesa Market Place Swap Meet (great place to go if you ever get out that way),  They are a nice pattern, go with both tops and are oh so comfortable.

As I mentioned earlier, I should have packed another long sleeve tunic length top (to take the place of the purple top) that would have given me more options with leggings (butts covered please).

All in all, the amount and type of clothing worked well, but there is always room to refine the selection.  I will admit I like a lot of variety in what I wear so towards the end of the trip I got a little board with my options.  The addition of the LuLaRoe leggings was a nice boost.

Remember, pick either a pattern for your tops or bottoms to give you the most possibilities to mix and match, always bring your sneakers, pack some accessories (belt and scarves in addition to jewelry) and go with your first instincts when pulling clothes for a trip.

What outfits are hiding in your closet?

No, no, summer can’t be over!!

As much as you may be kicking and screaming, the seasons will be changing soon.  Where did summer go?  Are you saying to yourself, “but I didn’t get to wear those new soft pants I bought.”  Well, fear not, you still have plenty of time.  As the temps start to cool, actually it never got really hot on the east coast this year; it’s a great time to wear those soft and easy pants.

Pair your pants with a great easy fitting top.  As I have said in past posts, take along a pashmina, shrug or soft, cutaway airy cardigan.  This pant was a hot trend in NYC earlier this season and it is making its way to other areas of the country.   As most styles will show, it was a trend in the 70s that is making a return.

So if you did not pick any up this summer, you might want to check them out.  But review the style for your body type carefully when trying them on because they can create volume.  There are variations on the 70s trend.  You can certainly pick up styles that are wide leg or palazzo style, loose around the hips and tapered at the ankle, ankle length or the newer trend of harem pant.

Whichever style you choose, remember to balance your top through the right style, fabric or statement necklace or scarf.  And for this trend, don’t forget to consider your shoe selection.  The petite or average height woman can pull off this pant with a heeled shoe.

Polyvore - transition 1










So think about these options as one of your transition “go-to” outfits.  I know I have.

Happy Shopping!

Now what was that outfit I put together?

Have you ever “shopped your closet” and found a brand new outfit without spending any money?  Great, but did you remember to take the last step and document what made up that new outfit?

If you are like me, I can’t remember what I ate last night for dinner, let alone remember the outfit, including accessories, that I wore a week ago.  You know the one you got tons of compliments on.

For years I wondered whether there was an easy way to document outfits that would go together for my clients.  How many of you remember Garanimals brand for kids? When they first started they had a patch on each piece of clothing to help kids learn to dress themselves in outfits that would go together.  Wouldn’t it be great if women had the same thing?

Short of that and with the popularity of Smartphones, you have tools to keep track of outfits.  When working with clients, I give them the option of writing down the new outfits we found in their closet on a chart I supply or by taking a photo with their camera, Smartphone or iPad.

You can just leave it at that or you can add it to an app on your phone.  Two that I have used are Stylitics and Stylish Girl.  In both you can take pictures of your separate to create your own outfits by mixing and matching your closet on the phone.  If you have the time to take these pictures, it’s a great way to know what is in your closet when you go shopping to avoid purchase duplication or as a reminder of something you have that will go with what you are buying.  I use Stylish Girl to document my outfits.  Yes even I need to do that as I am always creating something new.  I will either take a selfie of my reflection in the mirror with the outfit on,  lay out the separates on the bed or hang them together on a hanger and snap the photo.  And don’t forget to include the accessories. From there you can load them into the app.

Here is an example of an outfit I put together (what you can’t tell is the dress is black knit with small white dots) when heading out for tea with the girls just before the Preakness.

Blk-Wht preakness









So start snapping those pictures.  It will help keep you from saying “I have nothing to wear!”

Happy Shopping!!

I have been so busy…..

I must apologize that I have missed the last 2 weeks of posts. I have been preparing for a speaking engagement at WomenFest on 4/26.  It was a great success.  But an interesting thing that was a common statement when women stopped by my booth.  When I said one of my services was “Let’s go shopping in your closet”, the response was, “Oh you don’t want to see my closet”.  Ladies please, do yourself a huge favor and clean out!!  See my posts from January of this year.  You need to review what is in your closet. There should be nothing in there that hasn’t been warn in over 2 years max.  It is admirable to use an outfit as inspiration to say I will get back into it again, but when you loose that weight, you deserve to get a new one.  So make a date with yourself and review your closet.

And once you have done that order Closet organization by color and category.







Next week I will continue with the last of the body type reviews.

Happy Shopping!