Trends for Spring/Summer 2018, Color and Style

Color Trends

The color trends for spring are moving away from the traditional shades that one associates with spring and are moving to a more expressive trend.  The Pantone Institute has expanded the color selection to be used as another form of self-expression.  In addition to the 12 colors for spring, for the first time this year, the report also includes four classic colors, which transcend seasons and provide structure to any wardrobe. The classic colors are a wonderful way to keep continuity in a wardrobe and push the boundaries to color outside the lines.


This bright yellow shade speaks spring.  It’s a color that says I am confident and outgoing.

Cherry Tomato

This color is a mix of orange and red that will make any outfits come alive and exude energy. If you are bold, I could see this mixed with Meadowlark.

Little Boy Blue

Similar to a clear blue sky, it’s calming.  This color mixes well not only with Meadowlark, but some of the pastels and neutrals in this season’s palette.

Chili Oil

This color is an earthy brown based red that adds flavorful definition to the spring 2018 palette.

Pink Lavender

Pink Lavender is a soft and romantic violet rose that will have you thinking of soft spring breezes and blossoming trees.

Blooming Dahlia

A wonderful mix between peach and pink, it mixes well with some of the bold colors of the season like Arcadia and Chili Oil.


This color is cooler than green yet with some blue undertones which makes it a color that works for more women.

Ultra Violet

This Pantone Color of the Year, is a bold statement and not for the faint of heart.  Not a bold person? Add a splash of this color in a scarf or belt will look great or pale it down to a shade of lavender, another important color this season.


This rich chocolate is a great neutral to mix but can also stand alone.  Mix it with Blooming Dahlia or Pink Lavender if you don’t like to wear brown tones alone.

Almost Mauve

This color adds a sense of nostalgia to the spring 2018 palette. It works great as a neutral in lieu of white.

Spring Crocus

A more toned down shade of fuchsia, it works well with Emperador and Arcadia.

Lime Punch

This sharp color is another one that makes a bold statement. 

Spring 2018 Classic Color Palette:

Sailor Blue

This and any shade of navy is always in style

Harbor Mist

Shades of gray have been important for many years.  This hint of gray will be seasonless.

Warm Sand

Warm Sand is a comforting neutral shade that effortlessly connects the seasons.

Coconut Milk

A great alternative to white or off-white that can carry through the seasons.



Many of the spring trends this year are a throw-backs to trends of the 90’s.  Here are the ones that I think will be around for a few seasons and seen in many ready-to-wear fashions.


We are not just talking accessories here, but entire outfits.  These items are made out of 100% Nitrile / Synthetic Rubber.  I don’t know that I am ready to try one of these as I can just feel the sweat rolling off me during the steamy Maryland summers.





This is not just in small sections of the bodice but will be found over the entire dress as well as down the sleeve.  Done right, it can enhance the balance of an outfit based on your body type.




Asymmetrical Necklines

Fashionable for several seasons, the trend continues strong.  It’s not just about exposing a shoulder, but having various cut-out areas of the garment.



Square Necklines

If the asymmetrical neckline is not for you, how about the square neckline?  It is very flattering and will be found in everything from cocktail dresses to everyday tees.



The Fanny Pack

I remember the last version of this well; it was a staple for the skier in years gone by.  Now it is showing up as a mainstream accessory. It does give you the convenience of freeing up your hands.





I have already seen this wonderful color in garments in my NYC preview a few weeks ago.  It is definitely color for day or evening.


Dark Denim Sets

This wash is not just for casual wear and is by no means replacing your light-wash jeans.


Black and White Polka Dots

If floral prints are the number one pattern for spring, these dots are number two.  Don’t be afraid to mix them with your favorite floral that has a predominant black or white in the pattern.



White Tank Top

The basic white tee will always be a staple, but for this season, add to that the white tank.  Wear it either alone for under a top for layering and you can’t go wrong.  Although they will be seen with screen printing, I prefer the basic with no pattern.




So check out your closet before you run out the door to shop for spring.


What outfits are hiding in your closet?

No, no, summer can’t be over!!

As much as you may be kicking and screaming, the seasons will be changing soon.  Where did summer go?  Are you saying to yourself, “but I didn’t get to wear those new soft pants I bought.”  Well, fear not, you still have plenty of time.  As the temps start to cool, actually it never got really hot on the east coast this year; it’s a great time to wear those soft and easy pants.

Pair your pants with a great easy fitting top.  As I have said in past posts, take along a pashmina, shrug or soft, cutaway airy cardigan.  This pant was a hot trend in NYC earlier this season and it is making its way to other areas of the country.   As most styles will show, it was a trend in the 70s that is making a return.

So if you did not pick any up this summer, you might want to check them out.  But review the style for your body type carefully when trying them on because they can create volume.  There are variations on the 70s trend.  You can certainly pick up styles that are wide leg or palazzo style, loose around the hips and tapered at the ankle, ankle length or the newer trend of harem pant.

Whichever style you choose, remember to balance your top through the right style, fabric or statement necklace or scarf.  And for this trend, don’t forget to consider your shoe selection.  The petite or average height woman can pull off this pant with a heeled shoe.

Polyvore - transition 1










So think about these options as one of your transition “go-to” outfits.  I know I have.

Happy Shopping!

Now what was that outfit I put together?

Have you ever “shopped your closet” and found a brand new outfit without spending any money?  Great, but did you remember to take the last step and document what made up that new outfit?

If you are like me, I can’t remember what I ate last night for dinner, let alone remember the outfit, including accessories, that I wore a week ago.  You know the one you got tons of compliments on.

For years I wondered whether there was an easy way to document outfits that would go together for my clients.  How many of you remember Garanimals brand for kids? When they first started they had a patch on each piece of clothing to help kids learn to dress themselves in outfits that would go together.  Wouldn’t it be great if women had the same thing?

Short of that and with the popularity of Smartphones, you have tools to keep track of outfits.  When working with clients, I give them the option of writing down the new outfits we found in their closet on a chart I supply or by taking a photo with their camera, Smartphone or iPad.

You can just leave it at that or you can add it to an app on your phone.  Two that I have used are Stylitics and Stylish Girl.  In both you can take pictures of your separate to create your own outfits by mixing and matching your closet on the phone.  If you have the time to take these pictures, it’s a great way to know what is in your closet when you go shopping to avoid purchase duplication or as a reminder of something you have that will go with what you are buying.  I use Stylish Girl to document my outfits.  Yes even I need to do that as I am always creating something new.  I will either take a selfie of my reflection in the mirror with the outfit on,  lay out the separates on the bed or hang them together on a hanger and snap the photo.  And don’t forget to include the accessories. From there you can load them into the app.

Here is an example of an outfit I put together (what you can’t tell is the dress is black knit with small white dots) when heading out for tea with the girls just before the Preakness.

Blk-Wht preakness









So start snapping those pictures.  It will help keep you from saying “I have nothing to wear!”

Happy Shopping!!

To continue our style recommendations for your body type

No you haven’t missed our latest post; we have been off playing grandma to our newest family member.  And it was away from all this snow, which is falling as I write.

So to continue where I left off, I will talk about styles for women who have a little extra in the middle.  This is sometimes referred to as an apple shape, I prefer to use these specific terms when defining body type for my clients.

If this is your shape, and as I have said about all shapes, embrace it.  You do not have to hide in a potato sack or loose fitting clothing.

Essential pieces for your wardrobe will focus on tops that have princess seams or v-neckline.  These will give the illusion of elongating your body. Tops should also have structure, meaning no soft fabrics.  Jackets should be fitted and hit just above the waistline.  Look for pants with a slightly wider leg and a crease will increase the illusion of height.  Overall you want to create length to hide width.  Scarves should be either around the shoulder to add volume or soft and oblong to add length.  Use middle to wide width belts with a hint of color.

Extra in the middle2

Princess seam blouse

A little extra in the middle

 Princess seam blouse – seams run     vertical from shoulder over bust  and to hem.


Happy shopping!